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  • Hostel

    ‘A home away from home’ in the truest sense!

    Our institute has a well equipped hostel for students.For parents and students alike reaching out for a hostel can be an overwhelming experience. For the former it is sending their precious away from them. And, for the latter a new life where every step, each decision and every endeavor will act as a fuel to shape their future!

    We at GHRCEM Amravati ensure to engrave a culture to aid the students in adjusting, learning and living in a conducive environment. It’s our priority to provide them with social, mental and physical safety. Comprehensive care along with the latest in technology tools are made to work in the arena of safety measures. Alarm systems, warden, security staff are pursued for accomplishing the same.

    That one aspect that the students miss the most is the home cooked food. It is to take care of this criterion our mess provides with piping hot and fresh food for them. It is every bit delicious and maintains the hygiene standards. We do comprehend the need of medical assistance at any time of the day. Hence, we make sure to provide them with 24/7 ambulance facility and medical assistance if the need might arise.

    The hostel provides with:-

    • Well furnished and spacious rooms with cot, study table, chair and cupboard- aiding in making education as your sole aim
    • Mess providing with hot and fresh food- to keep you energized
    • Recreation room to relax- to replenish you after a day’s work
    • 24/7 ambulance availability-to tackle any health related issues
    • A Medical facility for assistance- to assure health care
    • Uninterrupted power supply- Eliminating any obstacles
    • Sports facility-to ensure an all round development

    And, before we wrap up:-

    Your college life is the first experience you witness the world as an individual. Away from the heaven of your parents’ arms, you have immense to look forward to. They have trusted you with their money, their dreams and your life. Enjoy this beautiful phase of your life, but do remember to inculcate it with discipline, knowledge and skills.The studies you pursue here, the knowledge you gain in this tenure and the character you build will be the stepping stone for your future. Make every minute count!

  • Student Life

  • Events

    GHRCEM, AMRAVATI Surveying and how to solve GATE paper

    G H Raisoni College of Engineering & Management, Amravati. Civil Engineering Department organised a guest lecture for the second year students of Civil Engineering. Large numbers of students were present for the guest lecture. Prof. Nikesh Rathod sir has given information regarding Surveying and how to solve GATE paper with ease. The lecture was very informative and appreciated by all the students and requested to organise for more such lecture.

    Title: “Guest Lecture for second year Civil Engineering”

    Date: - 27/03/2019

    Time: - 2.00 to 3.30 PM

    GHRCEM, AMRAVATI Visit at Belora Airport, Amravati”

    G H Raisoni College of Engineering & Management, Amravati organised a visit under the subject of Transportation Engg. – II for the Third year students of Civil Engineering. On the site students observed various components of the airport like Apron, Taxiway, Terminal building, Runway, control tower, windsocks etc. Large numbers of students were present for the visit. On the site, Somavanshi sir has given practical information to students & he has also shared the information like runway length, width, etc. The subject teacher, Prof.A.P.Dange and accompanied faculty, Prof. K. P. Nichat was present for visit. Prof. A. P. Dange has also shared his experience and information with students. The visit was very informative and appreciated by all the students and requested to organise for more such industrial visits.

    Title: “Visit at Belora Airport, Amravati”

    Date: - 23/03/2019

    Time: - 12.00 to 2.00 PM

    Technical Festival 'Paroksha- 2019' Organized by GHRCEM, Amravati

    G H Raisoni College of Engineering & Management, Amravati's Technical Festival, ‘Paroksha 2019’ organized on Wednesday 13th March 2019. In the inaugural function Mr. Ranjit Band, Managing Director of Maruti Suzuki Nexa was present as chief guest. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Yenkie, Vice-Chancellor G H Raisoni University, Amravati and Dr. Rajiv Sapkal, Registrar GHRU, Amravati were guest of honor. The event was organized under the guidance of Chairman of the Raisoni Group of Institutions, Mr. Sunil Risoni and Secretary, Nitin Tatiya. Principal of G H Raisoni College of Engineering & Management Amravati, Dr. Vijay Rathod presided over the function. Vice-principal of the college Prof. Nitin Mandogade, coordinator and convener of Paroksha Prof. Praveen Kumar Wankhade, Convener Techranch, Prof. Bhushan Shidhe & TRPCS Convener, Prof. Sneha Bohra were prominently present. As many students of LAN Gaming, Bridge Making, Circuit on, Box Cricket, Paper Presentation, Project Presentation, Junk Yard and Best Selfies held in the festival were awarded with a cash prize, mementoes and certificate.

    In the festival, more than 400 students from different engineering and polytechnic colleges across the state participated and showcased their talents. Mr. Band congratulated the students, he said that these types of competitions encourage the students to go ahead and do something new. He gave four success mantras to students and said defined direction, determination, dedication and discipline are must to be successful. Dr. Yenkie congratulated all the participants of the festival. He said that the students who did not finish as winners in the championships must not feel disappointed as their hard work will not go in vain. All the students have showcased their talent and innovation in various competitions. In the future, these innovations will help them in reaching the heights of success.

    In the presidential address, Dr. Rathod also congratulated all the students who participated in the event. Citing the example of Google CEO Sundar Pichai he said that Pichai is a very hard worker, he showcases his talent and proved himself in the whole world, now he became the CEO of a company like Google, is an inspiring example for the young generation. With hard work and determination you too can reach new milestones of success in Indian and overseas. In the concluding ceremony Dr. Vijay Gulhane was prominently present as chief guest. All the winners got prizes with the auspicious hands of Dr. Gulhane. Prof. Praveen Kumar Wankhade gave the welcome address. Shubhangi Sharma and Manish Chhangani conducted the proceedings while Prof. Nitin Mandaogade proposed a vote of thanks. All the college's faculty, staff and students played an important role in the success of the event.

  • Atheletics / Sports

    “Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose-it teaches you about life.”- Billie Jean King

    Inevitably Sports and Games make an indispensable part of the curriculum of oureducational institutes. They are the carrier of a healthy mind, a healthy body and a free soul. They aid in the development of social skills. They reduce stress. They make sure that co-operation and coordination becomes the part and parcel of the lives of the student.

    The attributes we eye on

    • An environment which motivates students
    • An optimism which never ceases to enlighten their lives
    • The team work which nurtures them on every track
    • The sportsman spirit which once ingested never leaves them

    As the pioneer instituteproviding holistic education, we have the best sports facility with us to take care of all of the above.

    Our sports facilities

    Here are some key pointers describing them well:-

    • Outdoor games- outdoor games like badminton, football, basketball, and cricket have specifications with respect to the field needs. We have it all on our campus. We make sure to provide with amenities which are best in the class to provide the students with unsurpassed playing experience right here in our fields.
    • Indoor games- finest of the indoor games facilities lie with our institute. We have table tennis, chess, and carom as the part of the indoor sports activities for our students.The students can spend theirtime in engaging in the sports arena of our indoor games with ease.
    • Sports in charge- we do comprehend the need of sports in charge in every sport. Thus, we haveappointed the teachers for both indoor and outdoor game to guide the aspiring sports person well. They are excellent in their field. They have complete knowledge about the rules and regulations. We do have a sports coordinator in each class to encourage the students.
    • Competitions-- in order to inculcate a sportsman spirit in the students, time and again sports competition are held in the college. There are held the inter class competitions. And, there are also organized the Intercollegiate sports meet. This inspires the students, enables them knowledge about the level of competition and prepares them for future endeavors.
    • First aid box- Complete care is taken at the college premises to keep it safe for the students playing sports. However, if during some sports event or regular games a student gets hurt the sports facility has the first aid box to aid them with medical assistance.
    • Sports dignitaries- the best sportsperson in the various sports, the sports personality, those that have made the nation proud with their milestone achievements are a treasure to the society. In order to inculcate the students with supreme aims, they are invited by our institute to give lectures about the games.

    Fitness of body, mind and soul is the vision we have for our students at our institute.

    Play well! Live well! Stay healthy!
  • Library

    The word library is enough to picture you a nicely lit room, well ventilated, well-structured books, journals and magazines. The library at GHRCEM Amravati is every bit that and more to it. The fact that it is continuously updated with the latest information in the form of study material, books and reference books pursues the needful.

    It is an integral part of an educational institution and we have the best in the education arena. We have it organized in the most impeccable manner so as to avail complete nurturing of knowledge to our students. It is the finest learner-centred amenity for our students to cater to with ease.

    The aspiring entrepreneurs, the students who want to make their career in IT firms or those with a knack for management need to simply reach out to the library and imbibe the power called ‘knowledge’.

    “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”- Albert Einstein.

    And, we have it for our students and faculty right here on the campus of GHRPOLY. Our library is embellished with some of the most salient features for you to take advantage of:-

    • Explore length and breadth of the room- Indeed, with a spacious library like ours; you have immense to look forward to with the facilities. Hence, the first aspect we took care of was to put as many books, learning the material and reading information in the library. Along with it, we have made it really spacious for our students of computer science, management, computer application and administration. So, you can with ease, explore the length and breadth of the room to avail knowledge and education.
    • Learning material sees no boundary- We comprehend your need to study from reference books along with your course books. We understand that you need journals, the books from a variety of authors and the international papers. We have it all with us right here at the library for you to take advantage of.
    • Question banks and solutions-Even when you are prepared verbatim with the notes and books; there is always the need of online question banks and solutions. A pattern of the question paper and a format for an answer is the key to the best-written answer sheets. Undoubtedly, you are well aware of this and so are we.
    • Comfortable furniture- Chairs, tables, lamps we take care of each one of it so that our students are comfortable in the heaven of books. The best quality furniture assures the needful.
    • Silence- Silence is not just a part of the code of conduct; it is religiously followed in our institute library.
    • Book bank facility- The needy, yet meritorious students can avail the Book Bank facility from the library to enrich knowledge and embody information. There are some definite norms for the same for which you can contact the librarian.

    The Code of Conduct

    The library is for you to explore every facet of knowledge, imbibe information and preserve the books. It thus becomes your responsibility to take care of books, journals and magazines issued to you. Let the flow of information continue. It is opened on the regular college days from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Labs

    Computer lab

    ‘Computer themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn’-Steve Jobs

    Innovation and technology have become a part and parcel of the day to day life today. At GHRCEMA we make sure to provide you with amenities which are par excellence. Computer laboratory is a part of the same facility. Our state-of-the-art computer laboratory has a plethora of sections. And, each of it provides support to internet applications, design application and programming. Hence, you can be assured of being on the receiving end of knowledge with practical experience with us.

    Our attributes

    • Comprehensive assistance-Comprehensive assistance by the lab faculty and educators to assist you with any issues arising in the operation of equipment or software. They are well versed with their job and will be a helping hand as and when needed.
    • High Speed Internet- Our laboratory is coupled with high speed internet. You can be assured of seamless working with the same.
    • Latest Configuration- Our computers are associated with the latest configuration to aid you in better processing. This is not it. The software of the computer is upgraded from time to time. Thus, you will be able to take benefits of the latest with the laboratory.
    • Hands-on-Practical-We comprehend the need of hand-on-practical experience for our students. Hence, we have a good number of computers in our laboratory to suffice the need.

    Computer laboratory is for you to explore new depths of academic pursuits. Hence, utilize it with immense care. While technology never ceases to be the best friend, make sure you do not make it your enemy by misusing it. Do not let it be your worst nightmare.

    Engineering labs

    “The true method of knowledge is experiment.”- William Blake

    Experiment is the most indispensable aspect of education. We at the Raisoni Group of Institutes make certain that the best of the laboratories govern the procedure for education of our students. Learning and imbibing information is a result of practical education and experimentation. Thus, we ensure that every laboratory of our institutes is an epitome of fineness.

    This is verbatim applicable to our Engineering college laboratories as well. Technology and innovation have made sure that every day is a new challenge and a novel promise. We aspire for our students to walk on the pathway carving their niches and accomplishing milestones. In this road we provide them with all the resources which can be a steer head for their success. Our amenities and facilities fall in the category to strengthen their analytical knowledge.

    Thus, the Engineering laboratories, we have are a picture of the following attributes:-

    • Well equipped- The laboratories are well equipped with the state-of-the-art instruments. We make sure to include in our laboratories a plethora of instruments from basic to innovative. Our laboratory in charge and the faculty are well versed with the working and detailed aspects of each and every instrument.
    • Practical hours- in accordance with the subjects, there are provided separate practical hours for laboratory. The students are informed about the same through their timetable well in advance. The professors provide the students with detailed information about the experiment. This is, then, followed by them pursuing the experiment in the laboratory.
    • Plethora of laboratories- We at the Raisoni Group of Institute are well aware of the aspect, that every Engineering subject has its own requirement. Thus, we have an array of immensely advanced laboratories, well equipped including the basic electronics lab, the data structure lab, the algorithm analysis lab; the object oriented programming lab, the software tools lab, the database management lab, architecture lab and artificial intelligence lab.
    • Safety-Maintenance of the equipments, standards of the instruments and a safety protocol is pursued with complete care by the staff of our institutes. The rules and regulation pertaining to the decorum of the laboratory is followed with complete care.
    Excellence in education through excellence in experimentation!
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